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This is the part where you get to hear the story of King Comfy. Hold onto your seats it's a doozy........
These veteran musicians were all selling blood for $9 a pint at the blood bank simulataneously when all of a sudden, an earthquake hit and the blood of these musicians spilled and intermingled together. What happened after that was a blur according to eyewitness testimony, but there was mention of bubbling, trembling, demon possession, and random acts of kindness. These guys then realized they needed to start a band in order to harness this power for good, not evil. So, they got together and jammed. Upon the first measures of the first jam, it was reported that the panties of every female in a 1000 meter radius simultaneously fell to the floor. That also included Depends® undergarments, and the results were not always pleasant. Also, alcohol sales increased in 4 neighboring counties by 400%. Rabid coyotes were also known to become peaceful animals after hearing King Comfy, and many were inspired to devote their lives as service dogs for the blind. Oh yes, these guys are that good.


Jive Jong - Guitar, Vocals
Jive Jong is an alien from outer space who hails from the planet Funk, where everyone jams and does martial arts. Because he was intergalactic royalty, the Jive one was the target of an assassination attempt. Luckily, he was sent off in an escape pod where he landed in the South Side of Chicago, and was raised by homeless Blues musicians. Jive Jong took to a variety of instruments - Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Harmonica, Drums, and Keyboard, in addition to dozens of alien instruments inaudible by the human ear. He has performed in Chicago and Colorado with acts such as Shirley King, Tab Benoit, Sugar Blue, Little Mary, and Smokin Tweed. But once he saw the state of the nation, Jive Jong decided to come to Washington DC to save the US from government corruption with his guitar. Jive Jong has performed with numerous local bands such as Cheap Date, Karma Issue, IandI Riddim, Five by Five, Justified, Wicker-Lee, The Tonics, Lonesome Ryder, the Southern Drifers, the Fabulous Dialtones, the Black Cat Blues band, and Revolution. In his freetime, Jive Jong operates a consulting firm for K-Pop superstars.


E=MC2 - Tenor, Alto, Soprano, Baritone Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals, Guitar Hero Controller, Theramin, Musical Saw
E=MC2 is the genius of the group, the one with an actual edumacation in music. Since the age of 5, he has attended numerous prestigious music schools in hopes that someone would have something they could teach him. Instead, most music professors paid E=MC2 a healthy stipend for the musical knowledge they gained from him by just standing in his presence. The few students that attempted to learn from E=MC2 either wound up in the insane asylum or had their heads explode. Due to the hazards of academia, E=MC2 decided on the safer career path of performing for drunks and partiers. E=MC2 also performs with the Shifters and Kill Lincoln, playing the East Coast and sharing stages with acts such as The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake, the Pietasters, Streetlight Manifesto, and more. In his spare time, E=MC2 enjoys sharing his disgust with popular music while listening to Avant Garde Jazz, improving compositions by lesser musicians like Mozart and Beethoven, and long walks along the beach.


TBMG - Trombone, Guitar, Vocals
Don't ask TBMG what TBMG stands for. He won't tell anyone. He actually gets really pissed off if you ask him too often. But, he plays a killer trombone so he gets a pass. You can't blame TBMG for being a little surly. He was born into abject poverty in rural Alabama, so his parents hopped on a Greyhound to Oakland, CA to abandon him in the projects so that he could have the better life that they couldn't give him. But, in the projects, TBMG had it rough. Even his afro wig didn't help him to blend in. He couldn't hustle, he couldn't hoop, he couldn't dance, he couldn't do jack and he had no game. The only child in the hood that no gang tried to recruit. That was until he stole a trombone from a crack-head who stole it from a gangster who stole it from a pawn shop did history begin. TBMG also performs with Kill Lincoln and Yellow Dubmarine, performing across the country and sharing the stage with acts like Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake, the Pietasters, Streetlight Manifesto, the Aggrolites, and more. In his spare time, we don't know what he heck he does.



Rocker - Drums
After getting burnt out on the life of a Rock icon, Rocker has faked his death at least 20 times to no avail. He just seems to get found, and is called upon to rock out on the drums like no other. Unlike other kids who got to play with Mr Potatohead, Rocker played drums 5 nights a week at the local strip club to support his daddy’s glue habit since the age of 5. Although his father didn’t live long, he left Rocker with a talent at playing drums and appreciation for a well executed pole dance. Afterwards, Rocker played Hair Metal in arenas and stadiums around the globe until he severed his mullet in a freak shaving accident. Devastated, Rocker sought numerous treatments to restore his mane, but nothing succeeded. He gave up the drums until he accidentally hit a spoon against a table and realized that the accident didn't destroy his drum chops. With a new lease on life, he has been able to continue playing with local artists such as American Giant, Cheap Date, The Fuzz, Cathy DiToro, and many others. In his spare time, Rocker rocks out.




Fonz - Bass, Vocals
Fonz is a DC native who was once destined to be a superstar athlete. He had offers to play professional basketball, football, baseball, hockey, soccer, rugby, MMA, water polo, and synchronized swimming. He chose a career in football, but unfortunately, he met with a jealous T.O. that feared the Fonz would someday take his roster spot. T.O.'s girlfriend ambushed Fonz, assaulting him in the knee with a baton. With his NFL career in ruins, Fonz turned to music, playing everything within reach. Once Fonz replaced the football in his hands with an instrument, he realized he was a musical prodigy. The world has been blessed ever since. Fonz has been using the bass to inspire audiences, heal the sick, feed the poor, and sell liquor. He plays with various Gospel and R&B groups in the local area doing live and studio work, as well as his own work as a producer. In his free time, he enjoys gardening, basket weaving, and volunteering as a super hero to save the world from evil villains.



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