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Hey! Thanks for visiting our website. We, King Comfy, are a band from the Washington DC area that plays your favorite Ska, Swing, Funk and Top 40 tunes with a Punk attitude. Complete with a pressure-tight rhythm section, bawdy horns, and skanky guitar, King Comfy isn't your typical cover band. We cover hits from bands such as The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Reel Big Fish, Fishbone, Smash Mouth, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Cherry Poppin Daddies, Brian Setzer, Tower of Power, Sly and the Family Stone and more. We also aren't above putting our own spin on your favorite Top 40 hits to make them a little cooler. We don't just play music, we put on a show. We don't just do covers, we own them. We'll do our very best to make your event filled with awesomeness.

We also offer other shows as well, including a 4 Piece Soul/Rock/Top 40 with female vocals, a 3 piece Alternative/Classic rock show, a classic Punk tribute, and a blast of an acoustic show.  King Comfy literally covers just about anything under the sun, and kills it. We have done Punk wedding receptions, a Grateful Dead cocktail hour, and alternative songs for wedding marches.


Here's some client testimony:

"Just wanted to send you our thanks for your amazing band!  There is nothing like live music and all of you were just terrific. Jim, of course gets the credit for finding you.  I must admit, I was concerned, not having Rachel and Jim hear and see you actually preform. But while doing your sound check, I was immediately put at ease.
Please express my thanks to all and know that if you ever need a reference, I will happily do so.
All the best to you and your King Comfy comrades"

"Just want to tell you, and the whole band, how much we appreciated your being here.  People LOVED YOUR WORK.  I'm still hearing from partiers about what a great time they had, how the band rocked, that they loved your sound, your energy, your style.  So BIG THANKS for being here.  We know you did a major thing to come to Charlottesville and we are truly grateful.  Please pass this on to the whole band, as it probably took a whole lot of good vibes from many sources to do this gig."

"Thanks for everything. I think everyone really enjoyed the music (and one of our friends may even contact you about their wedding). You guys were great and easy to work with. We will definitely put in a good word about you to anyone looking for a band in the future."

"You guys were perfect, we were completely happy with the band! I knew Matt wouldn't steer me wrong haha! Thank you for the good wishes! Yes, we'll definitely keep you mind for our next formal event! I hope you guys were able to network with the venue for future gigs. Take it easy bro, good luck with everything!"


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